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Established in 2017, KWARTY IT SOLUTIONS is a Uganda-based firm specializing in refurbished computers, laptops, as well as Accessories. In addition to used laptops, computers, and electronics, the company also deals in laptop/ PC components like HDD, CPU,SSD,Chargers and RAM.

“Demand for used/Refurbished computers, has been growing at an exponential pace, especially in the African markets,” says Eng Masembe Manshouri, CEO of KWARTY IT SOLUTIONS. “We work with some of the biggest IT vendors in the world and source A-brand finished products such as computers, laptops, and household appliances and sell them at heavily discounted prices to emerging markets across uganda,” he says.

We Import from UK & dubai and sell to ugandan rural and urban Market

“We deal in a wide spectrum of brands of used computers, laptops and such as HP, Dell, Lenovo, Dell, IBM, Toshiba, Panasonic – to name a few. To meet the varied requirements of our clients, we offer used/refurbished PCs in different configurations. All desktops and laptops we provide are the most affordable and offer long-lasting performance,”

With Kwarty IT SOLUTIONS, you can grow your business smarter. We offer custom IT solutions to help you fuel productivity and streamline processes that power your business.

Our Services
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We do sell Genuine laptops, desktops and all computer Accessories ranging from chargers,cables, Harddisks,routers,Flash disks and many others.

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pc repair

We know how important your computer is to you. Your computer or laptop will be repaired with top tier, professional service.

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Our team of experienced admins will install any software you may need and handle any dependencies in the software installation process.

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